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Superconducting Single Photon Detector

Our photonic quantum detectors are so precise that they can detect the smallest amount of light: single photons.

The material
At the core of our cutting-edge superconducting detectors lies the superconductor material, which plays a critical role in detecting incoming photons and ensuring optimal performance. We are proud to utilize an optimized superconductor material developed by MQI that boasts high-temperature operation capabilities. This innovative material not only enhances the performance of our detectors but also reduces equipment costs, making our products a cost-effective solution for our valued customers.

The design
We shape the superconductor in a unique design to achieve maximum precision in light detection. The base of the design is a very thin meandering nanowire. We can quickly adapt this design to meet our customers' needs.

The detector
Our core product, next-generation single-photon detectors, is the result of embedding the superconducting nanowire in an optical stack consisting of different, specific layers. Together with our advanced read-out electronics, our detectors are designed to deliver unparalleled performance and accuracy.

Q one detector system

Our detector systems are designed to be user-friendly and convenient. The system, named Q one, comes in a compact 19-inch rack sensor system that includes detectors integrated into a very robust cryostat. This cryostat can be easily accessed by optical fibers of your choice. The system also includes additional electronic boxes that allow for intuitive control of the detectors, cryostat, and supply electronics. All of this can be done by simply connecting the system to your personal computer or mobile device. Unlike other systems, Q one requires only a standard power plug and does not need high electric current or cooling water, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Simplify Your Workflow
At Munich Quantum Instruments, we've developed the perfect solution for those seeking the best in photonic quantum sensing – the Q one. Our compact, 19-inch rack-based system is designed to be both convenient and easy to use. Unlike other systems, Q one doesn't require any external cooling water supply, and can be powered by standard 110V/220V sockets. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, the detector system offers unmatched precision and performance, while remaining movable and easy to install in the lab or room of your choice. And with a user-friendly interface that allows for full control via your computer or mobile device, the Q one streamlines your workflow and simplifies your research.

So why settle for less? Experience the ultimate in quantum sensing with the Q one.

Highly Scalable and Customizable Detector Design
Our detector system offers an advanced and innovative method for coupling optical fibers to connect multiple detector channels of a multi-pixel chip, providing full customization options for your research needs. This scalable technology is a key feature that sets us apart from our competitors. We are excited to provide this solution to meet your multi-channel requirements.

Plug and Play

Munich Quantum Instruments developed the plug&play single photon detector system Q one, which makes using photonic quantum sensors of highest quality very easy. The Q one is a compact, 19-inch rack-based system.


Compared to existing solutions, our product does not require any connection to an external water-cooling supply. Also, standard 110V/220V sockets are sufficient to power the detector system. Accordingly, the Q one may be installed basically in any laboratory or room.

Large data rates &
high data quality

Another key feature is the innovative coupling of the optical fibres leading to our sensors. This allows us to connect several detector channels of a multi-pixel sensor chip in a fully customized way.

Highly customizable

Furthermore, we integrate our cutting-edge single photon detectors based on specially optimized superconducting nanowires into the detector system. Our design allows us to do this in a very flexible way according to our customers' requirements.

How our SNSPD works


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