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We at MQI develop advanced photonic quantum sensors

Superconducting single photon detector

Our sensors may detect the impact of a single photon, which is the smallest package of energy of light - or in technical terms: a quantum of light. Have a look at the video to find out how our detector works

for many applications, such as...

Optical Communication

Our detectors are perfect for communication schemes that use faint light down to the single photon level. They allow for higher data rates than existing technologies that use radio frequencies. For example, our detectors can be used in deep space optical communication (DSOC), which enables the connection between the Earth and the Moon. This technology is vital for future missions that explore the boundaries of our solar system or for the first human-crewed missions to Mars.

Quantum Computing

Optical quantum computers use qubits made of single photons that must be created, manipulated, and detected. Our detectors are perfect for this task as they are highly efficient and can be easily scaled up. Companies can improve their computing power and accuracy by using our detectors in photonic quantum computers, giving them a competitive advantage. Our detectors are the ideal solution for any company looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Quantum Key Distribution

Our detectors play a crucial role in secure and quantum-proof data communication schemes. Current encryption protocols are at risk of being intercepted and cracked by powerful quantum computers in the future. This means that data transmitted over the internet will no longer be secure. New encryption methods, such as Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) based on single photons, are needed to address this issue. Our high-quality photonic quantum detectors are a vital part of these new encryption methods, significantly improving security and data rates compared to existing solutions.

Quantum Sensing

Our detectors are incredibly precise, making them ideal for sensing devices. These devices can be used in various fields, including biology, healthcare, and material science. We will work with you to develop a sensor system tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Quantum Internet

The vision of a global quantum internet that can be used to send, compute and receive quantum information, i.e., information encoded in the state of single photons, can only be realized with scalable and highly efficient single-photon detectors. The Quantum Internet will enable new applications in quantum cryptography, distributed quantum computing, and many other applications that cannot yet be foreseen. Unlocking the full potential of quantum technologies will enormously impact every area of life.

We at MQI are eager to find the optimal solution for your application with our photonic quantum detectors.

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